Dubai – Desert Safari ทัวร์ซาฟารีทะเลทราย

 Desert Safari is A must for everyone who is visiting UAE. A memory to share with your family and friends back home, This is one safari you can’t do back home.  It highly and it will be worth every penny spend! This was second time of my wife but to me it was my first time. Let’s do this!

Do prepare

• Have a light and early lunch. Do not eat anything that will upset your stomach when your 4x4s roll up and down the sand dunes. The ride can get very bumpy and can make you feel nauseous.

•Wear comfortable but decent clothing. Shorts, shirts, or lightweight tops are acceptable. You can bring extra scarf or jackets for when the weather temperature cools down at night.

•Since you will have the opportunity to frolic in the sands during breaks, it is preferable to wear open shoes, flip flops, or sandals. Sand can get anywhere inside your shoes.

•As with any outdoor outing, don’t forget to wear sunblock. Bring a hat and sunglass, too.

•Bring a camera or a video camera to capture the exciting experience of the beauty of the desert. Don’t forget to bring your Go Pro or action camera.

•Bring some cash. On the way to the desert, there will be comfort stops where you can buy some light refreshments. At the camp, you can buy photos and videos taken by the official tour photographer as well as souvenirs from shops.


First stop with full SUN!

Do Know During the dune bashing

  • Don’t forget to strap yourself in. The safari vehicles are equipped with proper safety features, and approved safe by the government.
  • The drivers are trained experts in desert driving as well, so there is no need to worry.
  • If time permits, you can catch the beautiful sunset across the horizon just as you enjoy sliding down the sandy hills while sand boarding.
  • You can hold any metal/bar inside the vehicles as it strong enough for you not move or bump inside the vehicles.

Not recommended.

Dune bashing is not recommended for pregnant women, babies, and those with back and heart problems. Do consult with tour organiser/companies would be happy to take them directly there to final at dinner area and skip bashing.

Follow us and let’s the images talk to you.





Hold on tight! and Fasten Seat Belt







All is well.

Dinner served after sunset, buffet, BBQ, rice, roti etc.

The start of tour is 2PM and get back hotel around 7-8PM.


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==========UP NEXT [AT Top of the World @Burj Khalifa] To Be Continue=======

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