TOP5 เอล นิโด้ – โรงแรม หน้าหาด El Nido Beach Front Hotel

โรงแรมที่เกาะเอลนิโด้ มีหลากหลายแต่โรงแรมหน้าหาดมีไม่กี่แห่งที่เราประทับใจ

There several hotel in El Nido Town located infant of beach where you can wake up and see the seaview for real.

  1. Las Cabanas Beach Resort (located in corong corona beach, 15 mins from el nido town)

Tips : If you wish to wake up and see the stunning hollywood scene. This is the place.

The hotel offer

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Las Cabanas Beach Resort Book Now

2. Rosanna’s Pension (This is Beach front, located at El Nido Town)

Hotel is very basic, there have old building and new building. Some room there are no window or view. DO Book at Beachfront Upper or Lower Building for the best view

Recommended : Beachfront Double (Lower Level – New Building)

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Rosanna’s Pension hotel BOOK here 

3. El Nido Beach Hotel

Located in El Ni do Town

Recommended : Deluxe Sea View

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El Nido Beach Hotel BOOK Here

4. La Salangane Hotel

Located : El Nido Town near Art  Cafe

Recommended : Beach Front Deluxe

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La Salangane Hotel BOOK Here!

5. El Nido Pension Corner Hotel

Located : at the end north of El NiDo Town

Recommended Beachfront lower or upper

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El Nido Corner Hotel BOOK Here! 

El Nido Hotel



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