USA and Canada

Summer in Montreal, Canada 1st Time!

An old friends we met in Thailand, become a life time friends until today.

Merci beaucoup!

We took flight from Manila and transit in Shanghai, From Shanghai direct to Montreal. The route open ever summer with Air Cannada! Try your next summer!

Tips! Do book Eco premium and its free of charge when changing the date!

It was Summer in Canada and we wanted to do and see lot of happening so Summer in Canada is always a good idea!.

Flight was transit in Toronto, Air Canada was smooth process as standard of Star Alliance so we didn’t worry to much. Timing also perfect for layover at the Airport only if your previous flight not delayed!

All transit enter Canada will do immigration here.

Total flight time with transit is 13hr25 mins


Our destination is Montreal and we will stay in Snowdon area with lovely neighborhood. Most of the time we using Subway (Metro) for transportation and walk when we were here.


How to buy Subway card.

Proceed to machine or counter, select how many journey you need and good to go! It was easy!

SubWay Ticket


We’ve noticed each station have something unique designed. Do check it out!


Best Deal Hotel in Montreal

Best Deal Hotel in Montreal

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