Boracay Hotel list Accredited Update July, 2019

I read a news and I heard it from TV and this is what traveler needed to practice as of now when travelling to BORACAY

The Boracay Inter-Agency Task Force has updated its official list of accredited accommodation establishments permitted to start operations from the island’s scheduled reopening on October 26 onward.

The list was released up to July 2019 by the Department of Tourism (DOT).

Whatever type of accommodation you going to book. Just make sure it is on the accredited List below. 

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// settings = { refKey: ‘dO/OZW186WpTEBBfITU2yA==’,checkIn: ‘2019-07-27’,checkOut: ‘2019-07-31’,language: ‘en-us’,currency: ‘USD’,searchRadius: 5,cid: 1754463,latitude: 11.959466,longitude: 121.925692,destination: ‘Boracay Island, Philippines’,isOverideConf: false,city: 15903,numberOfChildren: 0,numberOfAdult: 2,numberOfRoom: 1,crt: ‘9179088268474’,ver: 1};new AgdMaps(‘adgshp1243574063’, settings).render();

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