Trip to Milford Sound, Queenstown NZ

So did advance booking Milford Sound with Real Journey. The Trip included pickup – drop off to/from hotel, with coffee and tea on ferry during sailing to Milford.

Bus pick up from Hotel exactly at 7am ( bring your own snack and box lunch if you like)

Comfort Seat

The first stop at Gas Station at TAKAHO, where you can have your own refreshment with minis top and use of comfort room can be found here.

Then the bus stop and fantastic view where you can experience the fog touch the cloud and it near by mountain mirror.

Before reach Milford Pier

So there is slightly traffic when about to goin tunnel because of heavy snow and slippery road. Signal has been warn and all driver slickly follow the sign. If you drive yourself, please always check weather and Milford sound is far, so you have to manage your time. – Drive Safe!

Overall the whole day was great, and enjoyed scenery along the way.!

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