Goodbye Philippines. Hello Thailand :-)

During Pandemic, we had cancelled our travel plan in several destination, including Thailand on last February. In that’s time Covid-19 virus just started. So to be safe, we just stay where we are and that’s was in the Philippines.

Time pass by, we heard the news, the lockdown in Metro Manila starting hard from March which was ECQ ( Enhance Community Quarantine) until December 1, the city is now under GCQ (General Community Quarantine)

So for me, I am from Thailand and of course its time for me to go home when Philippines getting better in somehow and the repatriated flight from Thailand was started from October. But then it will take time and take cue and plan weather I will go home alone or with my husband.

Finally, I’ve learn the rules of all arrival passenger to Thailand must quarantine 15 days (Day arrived consider day ZERO) so better quarantine together, then decision take him with me is good idea 🙂

To start of document. We applied Non-O Immigrant visa since we married legally from Philippines ( We dont have married cert yet in Thailand) but at least you have legal document to support.

Non-O Visa process take almost a month since the Royal Thai Embassy busy for both Repatriated flight and Several Visa to Thailand after Thailand open country. I waiting for December flight and I found 1st commercial flight from Philippines Airline and we were so happy.

Aside from that’s Covid-19 insurance is needed. In summary here what you need when you travel to Thailand in whatever visa you may hold, here our timeline

Journey to Thailand 🇹🇭 เตรียมตัวกลับบ้านนาน เอกสารเยอะ แต่คุ้มที่ได้กลับ (ปล เราตรวจโควิทก่อนกลับเพื่อความสบายใจ)… กักตัว 15วัน ตรวจโควิทอีก 2 รอบ …พักแบบ ASQ ร่วมกับสามี
ทำตามระเบียบบ้านเมืองเราและรับผิดชอบต่อสังคม 🙏 รอวันเป็นอิสระ หลังกักตัว

Oct 20 – Submit Non O visa
Nov 10 – Released Visa, Reserve ASQ (Alternative State Quarantine Hotel)
Nov 18 – Submit for COE
Nov 28 – Drive tru RT PCR test Nasal and throat
Nov 30 – Covid-19 Result
Dec 1 – Am Get F2F from Baranagay Clinic
– Pm Get COE for Embassy and download T8 form
Dec 2 – Fly PR730✅ [1st Commercial flight]

For me its take time, all you need is plan and arrange document ready.

Once arrived at the airport just follow the system there Airport Personal will assist to verify document and temperature before let you walk through immigration which is they already have your name list with free SIM card there.

Welcome to Thailand!

At Royal Thai Embassy in Makati on Rada Street.
Visit Baragay BelAir Clinic for Fit to Fly Certificate
At The Suvanaphumi Airport, During Document Verification.
Received ASQ number Tag to identify yourself once you out at Airport Gate. All pickup personal will identify by your tag there.
Do wear face mask and face shield at all time

Approximately from arrival to pick up area took 30-40 mins depend how many people of your flight, but they will release passenger batch of 10.

I wish you all stay safe. Think Positive and respect the rules. Always remember, why you here.

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