Patong, Phuket after lock down

Our flight got cancelled with Thai Airways ( Again!) , at the same time Phuket just unlock down the city on February 1, 2021…then the beach we love is waiting so we flew there and happy with our decision!

Yes, it’s devastating when you dont see much tourist, less vendors sell ting things, quite at night due to curfew still on going BUT the nature and the peaceful beautiful beach is waiting for you there.

Patong Beach
Patong Beach in front of Four Points Hotel

We stay in Four points by Sheraton Hotel front of Patong beach next to Graceland Hotel. The hotel was newly builded after Covid situation on last 2020 end and its now open again.

We choose pool access because i was thought in case if the beach close due to situation, we still have pool access for swimming (Well, you can’t swim in ASQ hotel anyway ^^) or if the pool closing down, you still can walk to beach front of hotel 🙂

So here we go PATONG BEACH! Thank you for make us feel home away from home

We will back to PHUKET for sure! Stay safe and Stay Healthy!

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