Returning to Philippines during 2021

It a bit late update but the step and information mostly relevant. Please don’t compare when you quarantine in Thailand as it totally difference in each country. Rules can be change within a day so make sure to verify with Airline and Embassy destination before you depart. ( During that’s time when I return. PH allow only Filipino, Filipino spouse with Valid visa and OFW)

Here are things we prepare

1. Flight Ticket – Book Flight back to Philippines, Recommended with PAL because we got cancelled twice from Thai Airways so we purchased new Ticket with Philippines Airline since its seem regular schedule for me.

2. Hotel Letter Confirmation – Book Hotel Together with Hotel Transportation Pick up – There is no taxi out there, no Grab allow. We did advance Paid 3 days before arrived to Philippines.

3. E-Cib Code or One Health Code – Pre book Swap test day with Philippines Red Cross and Call for confirm date with them. In our case, we were pre paid in advance but our flight got cancelled then the rules for arrival to Philippines was changed so we need to call and rebook our confirmation of previous payment booking.

4. Fill up Passenger’s Undertaking form

Once Enter Airplane

– Fill up Health Decoration Card (Yellow paper). It will need to hand over 1st paper once you landed

– Fill up arrival card

-Fill up One Stop Shop MROF

– PIDSR ( Philippines Intergraded Disease Surveillance and Response) Case Investigation Form Covid-19

-IATF form ( Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infection Disease Declaration Form)

Once landed

– Stay inside airplane and wait for Philippines cost guard conduct the protocal

– Follow instruction until pass immigration > get your luggage and the transportation from Hotel will wait you there.

At the hotel

– Show document confirmation and sign document to accept and follow Philippines protocol for quarantine. For us we stay 10 days at Hotel and continue 4 days at home. ( This point is better than in Thailand ^^ )

Hotel Food

– Food at hotel is not good enough and that’s our mistake. We should or you can book only Hotel and you are allow to grab or food panda to order food. Make sure you prepaid so no COD.

– Also the swap test RT PCR test will do in-front of your room. Just need to follow up with Red Cross.

Down point in our view,

– Hotel should be qoute the price with swap test and reserve the date of swap test. Base on our experience in Thailand once you paid for ASQ, its mean included everything like Room, Airport Transfer, Meal & Swap test

– Previously Philippines not require negative result prior flight but currently they just did and that’s a good things to ensure all passenger in same flight with you not carry Positive and pass thru air to anyone on board.

So when we finished quarantine you will receive certificate of releasing

Will I stay this hotel again ? Maybe not, its because location walking distance near our place so maybe …I dont know but i would love to try another Hotel for my next 2022 quarantine..

Well, travel is not the same anymore and we just need to live with it, get use to it.

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